Our Team

Eberhard & Elke Beck

God writes his special story with our lives. We both grew up in Germany. Ebbe was an aerospace engineer and Elke an optician when we heard God’s call to serve him fulltime. After our theological education at Regent College in Canada, we joined Torchbearers at Schloss Klaus, Austria to prepare for the ministry in Romania. In 1997 we moved…

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Florin Șaitiș

Hello! I am Florin. I am married to Dana and we have 4 children: Paul, Tania, David and Iosif. I enjoy living life at its fullest, and I have a heart for encouraging those who face difficulties and have lost their hope. At Purtătorii de Făclie I am involved in camps and clubs for children…

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Ciprian & Irina Mittelstädt

Hey! My name is Ciprian, I am 26 years old and I enjoy travelling, hiking, and riding my bike, not to mention cooking for others. My family and I moved here in April 2012, and I am the main cook. Hello! My name is Irina, I am 27 years old and I was born in Russia,…

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Stefan & Michaela Sailer

We are the Sailer family. Our home has been the black forest in Germany. In 2014 we moved to Romania to become part of the PdF Team. Stefan is a trained car mechanic, and therefore one of his responsibilities is maintenance on all vehicles and everything that has an engine. He also supervises the Ropes…

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Sorin Stoica

I am Sorin, born in Micești, Prahova county. I enjoy going up in the mountains, helping with outdoor camps, and serving the Lord with the gifts He has given to me. I work at PdF in maintenance and on the building site when necessary. sorin.stoica@pdf.ro

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Anne & Friedemann Heienbrock

We are Anne and Friedemann Heienbrock from the beautiful Ermstal in southern Germany. We enjoy walking in nature and hiking in the mountains. Friedemann has completed a few years ago his civil service in the PdF-center. Since October 2015 we are part of the team. As a skilled carpenter Friedemann takes care of everything that…

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Ana Răşcanu

My name is Ana and I grew up in an area of Romania that is known for its earthquakes. PdF is not a place where you are shaken physically, but certainly an environment where God will touch your heart and sometimes even changes your life. God called me this year (2014) to be part of PdF and…

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Florin Pojoga

Hello. Until now I was involved at PdF as a volunteer in camps. Thanks to this, I could see how God uses PdF ministries and the people who come here in order to transform the participants. Now I changed to „the other side”. God gave me the oportunity to be part of the staff here and to get involved…

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Tihamér Szász

Hello, my friends call me Tihi, and even at the time when I attended as a young boy at the PDF-camps. Later I worked in the camps as a volunteer and now I’m part of the PDF team. I participated regular as a child and teen at the PdF-camps. These camps changed my life. In…

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Jerry Baker

Hello, we are the Baker family from Canada. Yes, we like maple syrup and hockey, but more than these things we love God and it is our greatest joy to walk in obedience to His will in our lives; that is why we are on the PDF team. Born and raised on Vancouver Island, I (Jerry) trained to be a journeyman carpenter and worked for 12 years…

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Raluca Florea

Hello! I’m Raluca and I’m married to Gabriel.
I enjoy hiking, discovering new places and practical activities around children. I am originally from Ploiesti with a short passage through Campina and a long stop in…

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Amelia McKnight

Hi I’m Amelia and I’m from Pennsylvania in the United States. I came to PdF in the spring of 2019 for the Mission Bible School. While I was here I fell in love with Romania, the staff, PdF and their mission so I decided to stay as a volunteer for…

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Sylvia Rempel

Hello, I am Sylvia and I’m  from Germany!

In 2014 God placed Romania on my heart for the first time, and since then he prepared me and slowly opened doors. In the beginning of 2020 my home church took the decision to send me to…

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Daniel Trumpp

Hi, I’m Dani!

I’m from the beautiful Ermstal in southern Germany. After it had been on my heart for a long time to work 100% for God’s kingdom, I was able to travel here to PdF in 2019 for a volunteer year. The great team, the wonderful nature and…

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Jonathan Beck

My name is Jonathan Beck but almost everybody just calls me Jona.

The first time I was at PdF was still as a little boy and basically, I grew up with the ministry of Torchbearers Romania. I could experience it from the beginning how God builds his kingdom through the people and the ministry here. Later on, I helped as a volunteer on camps and…

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