Eberhard and Elke Beck

God writes his special story with our lives. We both grew up in Germany. Ebbe was an aerospace engineer and Elke an optician when we heard God’s call to serve him fulltime. After our theological education at Regent College in Canada, we joined Torchbearers at Schloss Klaus, Austria to prepare for the ministry in Romania. In 1997 we moved to Romania as missionaries of Schloss Klaus. By surprise , the Lutheran Church of the German minority in Romania gave us the responsibility to pastor the congregation in Prejmer near Brasov. God gave us three wonderful children, Jonathan, Anna und Andreas, each of them born in one of the countries mentioned before. In 2001 we left the Lutheran Church and started the Romanian Torchbearer ministry.

Eberhard(Ebbe): Jesus shaped my life to equip me for what was needed for the pioneering lidership task in Romania: A diversity of practical abilities and theoretical knowledge. My implication at PdF ranges from preaching and leading to finacial adminstration and planing building projects. However, my passion is to teach wholistically in the outdoors how Jesus wants to live His life through us.


Elke: My domain of activity is primarily the kitchen. Now we are a team in the kitchen and I see how Jesus forms and molds my character through others. I am a practical and creative person, I love to spent time with our guests, to sing, to play the piano and to admire God’s wonderful creation around us by hiking and skiing.


  Member of Torchbearers International