The work at PdF is supported by volunteers and we are always looking for motivated people to support our ministry and to join our team. There are many opportunities to use your skills and gifts.

General Volunteering opportunities

Preferably, we look for one year volunteers, starting either in June or September. If there is a need we also accept volunteers for a shorter period.

The House and Kitchen Team help to keep the center functioning efficiently. This team prepares the rooms and the meals for our guests.

The Maintenance / Construction Team is responsible for maintaining the entire site, repairs, upkeep of the green spaces, and improving the campus conditions. We also extend our center and if you have abilities in construction work, you can support the construction team.

Ski and Snowboard Instructing. During the winter season (January to Mid march), we run ski and snowboard camps. We look for volunteers that help with instruction and other tasks. You should be advanced in your skiing or snowboarding abilities and  you should participate in our instructor training.

Childcare. At Pdf we have a lot of families with young children. A volunteer supports the staff families during times they are involved in programs by watching the children. This is a one year position.

Long term volunteers at PdF are paired with a mentor throughout their time serving at PdF and are also offered Romanian language training and the opportunity to serve weekly in local children’s clubs.

For additional information on ways you can be involved do not hesitate to contact us at: helpus@pdf.ro

Summer Team

The Summer Team is to be a support to our staff during the busy and exciting period of Summer camps (Mid June to mid September). We are looking for volunteers willing to serve practically, either in the kitchen, housekeeping, landscaping, and construction (i.e. support team) or on the program team. We ask for a commitment to stay at least 6 weeks and there is a need for flexibility to serve in multiple areas.

  • The Program Team is a mixed team of Romanians and Internationals consisting of 6-8 people that will run the program elements in our camps. This team prepares and facilitates camp elements such as Strategy Games, Sport Competitions, Camp Fires, Adventure Course; they will also administrate camp equipment and will help with camp changeovers, as well as transportation needs. The first week will be a mandatory training week.
  • The Support Team supports the PdF staff in the kitchen (food preparation and serving), housekeeping, landscaping (lawn moving), and construction / maintenance. There is a lot of practical work to be done here on campus but there is also a lot of contact with the youth who are coming as part of our Summer groups.
  • The Adventure Course is also a part of our Summer programs. Both, the program team and the support team will have the opportunity to learn how to facilitate the high ropes course, and how to use this fun and exciting tool for sharing the love of God with others. A requirement is to participate in the training during training week and to be a part of the team for at least 6 weeks.

For more information and dates contact us at: summerteam@pdf.ro

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