Bible School Enrollment Conditions


Students are expected to devote themselves unreservedly to their studies in lectures and study periods which are compulsory, and to conform willingly and promptly to the program throughout the day. Punctuality and cooperation are essential for the smooth running and well-being of the School and for personal discipline. All lectures are in English and it is necessary that you understand, speak and write English fluently. All students join together on Sundays for morning and evening services. All students help in the daily domestic duties. All students are involved in regular outreach commitments which may involve an extended stay away from the School.


Students are expected to complete the Course applied for, arriving on the first day of the School and remaining to the closing date. Failure to meet these criteria may lead to forfeiture of the Bible School Certificate. The School Authorities reserve the right to terminate the studies of any student who proves unsatisfactory, in which case the balance of fees will be forfeited. Printed notes are sometimes made available, but students are required to take their own notes in all lectures.


Written assignments and examinations are given in some subjects. The grades will count towards the certificate awarded at the end of the Course.


Clothing: Our expectation is that clothing should be clean, neat, tidy and discreet no matter what the prevailing trends in society. Students are required to dress more formally for Sunday Services. Hairstyles: Hair is expected to be kept clean, tidy and well-groomed. Once School has commenced we do not allow students to dye their hair with a color not naturally occurring in hair, eg. pink, green, blue etc. Also we reserve the right to stop any trends which we consider unhelpful.


Students must realize that in attending one of our Bible Schools they will be moving into a different national culture, and must be willing to make the necessary adjustments which will vary from School to School.


It is normally necessary to share a bedroom with a number of others in dormitory-style accommodation. Age is taken into consideration when assigning you to your accommodation.


Smoking, alcohol and drug taking are forbidden at all times.

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