Guest House

Guest House

The Guest House is the last building of the overall concept of the center. Its purpose is primarily to house guests and students. We need this building urgently because

  • we presently house 55 guests in 8 rooms two of them having 16 and 10 beds. The Guest House is part of the overall concept of the center and the Main Building was not designed for housing, we put in dorms to start using the center, but now we are at our limits using only this building.
  • The rooms we use in the Main Building for housing are not enough and not suitable for adult retreats and family camps.
  • we have only 3 bathrooms in the Main Building. Especially for ski and sport camps this makes long lineups.
  • we use all the office and seminar rooms for housing. These rooms are missing, we have our office in the basement.
  • we need more rooms to run the Bible school in parallel to our weekend retreats. We need a second room for seminars and meetings.
Stages of construction:Time PeriodDescription:
Stage 1
Fall 2017Foundations and basement incl. concrete slab
Stage 22018Raising the shell of the building and putting on the roof
Stage 3Winter 2018-2019Installations (water electricity, heating)
Stage 42019 Finishings wing 1, landscaping
Stage 52020Finishings wing 2

Guest House – Layout

  • 20 Rooms including bathroom with a total capacity of 80 persons.
  • Two wings, each with 5 rooms on two levels.
  • The rooms at the end of the hall on the second level can be transformed in appartments and also used for staff.
  • Both wings are connected by a meeting room which will be a bistro. On top of it will be a quiet room for personal devotion and reading.

One wing of the building will have a basement which will include:

  • Game room for (ping pong, billiard, table soccer…)
  • Laundry room
  • Drying room for ski boots and outdoor equipment
  • room for heating system (heat pump)
  • storage


We will do the construction work with our own construction team in order to keep the cost low and to assure that we achieve a good quality.

We are thankful for practical support by skilled workers. If you would like to join as for a project or a certain time talk to our construction leader Friedemann (

This project is a faith project, we depend on financial support to finalize it. We are very thankful for your support through a  donation.

New building project – current status

Here you can see the current status of the construction

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