Equipment list

ASCENT – Equipment list


Equipment for outdoor activities:

  • large backpack (approx. 60 liters with rainproof cover for backpack, can be rented at PDF)
  • daypack ( approx. 20 liters)
  • sleeping bag (comfort zone 0°C and less) (can be rented at PDF)
  • sleeping mat (light weight) (can be rented at PDF)
  • head lamp
  • pocket knife (small)
  • cup and bowl (plastic or aluminium), spoon
  • water bottle or camelbak (min. 1l, max. 2l)
  • sunglasses (100% UV rating recommended) and sunscreen
  • Band-Aids, moleskin or second skin
  • light microfiber towel
  • cycling shorts
  • cycling jersey
  • bike gloves
  • running shoes
  • mountaineering boots (Your boots must have strong ankle support, a ¾ shank, and VibramTMor equivalent soles, Goretex is recommended)

Optional (for those travelling by car):

  • 2 heavy-duty garbage bags, 1/2 dozen large Zip Loc™ freezer bags – excellent for watertight packing
  • personal climbing equipment (harness, helmet, climbing shoes, via ferrata set)
  • hiking poles (telescope)
  • mountain bike
  • bike helmet
  • bike repair kit, spare tube

Clothing for outdoor activities:

  • waterproof rainwear (jacket, pants) breathable fabric is preferable, Gore-Tex is the best, 3 layers.
  • light clothing (shorts, T- shirts)
  • warm clothing,
  • softshell jacket (preferably fleece)
  • underwear
  • long underwear
  • swimwear
  • sport clothing
  • hiking pants (not jeans)
  • cap (for sun protection) warm hat (wool or fleece)
  • Hiking socks

Equipment/Clothing for school:

  • any required personal medication
  • personal toiletries
  • house shoes
  • english bible (small, translation – not paraphrase), small notebook, writing materials
  • clothing for lectures, church, celebrations
  • Towels


  • camera (mobile phones are NOT permitted on some tours and can’t be used as a camera)
  • portable musical instruments

The electrical voltage in Romania is 220 Volts AC 50Hz, so if you intend to bring any electrical
appliances, you may need to bring a voltage converter as well as an adaptor plug.

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