Russia/ Ukraine Update

Russia/ Ukraine Update

February 18, 2022: There is no threat to the safety of Romania or its citizens. Please read our director’s statement below:

“Romania is part of the European Union and NATO. Within NATO, if a country is attacked, all NATO partners have the obligation to join in its defense.

It is therefore very unlikely that there will be any war activity in Romania, as its safety is guaranteed through NATO. Also, our government is a stable pro-Western and pro-European government, which increases its stability and increases its protection. Furthermore, our center is located near Brasov, in the center of Romania, which is 500km away from the Ukrainian border.

The Ukrainian crisis should not be any impediment for travelling to Romania either for volunteering purposes or for students attending one of our Bible school semesters.”

We would ask that you keep our neighboring countries in prayer, that they would be able to peacefully resolve the conflict that they are facing and that the Gospel would be able to continue to be spread to these countries.


If you have to cancel your application for a reason connected to the Ukraine conflict before the program starts, yes you will receive a refund.

If the program is cancelled before it starts because of the Ukraine conflict, yes you will receive a refund.

If you cancel during the program or the program itself has to cancel after it has started because of a reason connected to the Ukraine conflict your refund amount will need to be calculated accordingly.

We have several solid connections with other organizations outside of Romania that can provide us with temporary accommodations until further travel plans are made.

Romania shares a border in two locations – 400 kms to the north and 320 kms to the east. However,our center is in the center of Romania surrounded by the Transylvania and Carpathian Alps with an easy path west by Highway.

If the door is open for us to safely go and minister to Ukrainian refugees then we will likely be reaching out to them. We are also hosting refugees at our center and plan to connect students with them if they are still at our center during the program.

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