We are looking for volunteers who are able to join us for a year

We are looking for volunteers who are able to join us for a year

PdF’s work is maintained with the help of volunteers. That’s why we are looking for motivated and dedicated people willing to join our team for a limited period of time. We are particularly interested in volunteers who can come for a year, starting in June or September. For volunteering as a ski/snowboard instructor or in construction we also accept volunteers for shorter periods. You can volunteer in the following areas:

The hospitality team maintains cleanliness in the building, prepares rooms for groups, and cooks for our guests.

The building and maintenance team has a wide range of activities, as we develop and maintain the center (6 ha) ourselves: building and landscaping, repairs, maintenance of green spaces, and various facilities for guests. We are looking for people with building skills

Ski and Snowboard Instructor For ski and snowboard camps we are looking for volunteers who can help with ski/snowboard instruction on the slopes and program elements. Requirements are superior ski/snowboarding skills and participation in our ski/snowboard instructor training.

Childcare The Pdf team has many young families with young children. A volunteer is needed to support families, especially during times when camps and programs are running. A year-long commitment and fluency in English or German is required.

For more information, feel free to contact us at helpus@pdf.ro

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