In 1990, after the fall of communism, a Lutheran pastor from Brașov visited the Torchbearer center Schloss Klaus in Austria.

As a result of this visit Schloss Klaus started a mission project in Romania to encourage the German-speaking Lutheran Church.

In 1997 Schloss Klaus sent Eberhard and Elke Beck as missionaries in Romania to develop the mission. Their work included pastoring a community in Prejmer, starting youth programs in Brașov, and leading “The Bible Weeks for Children” nationwide.

On 7th of July 2001 “Purtătorii de Făclie” was founded as an interdenominational mission for the Romanian-speaking population.

In the summer of 2003 the first Romanian tent camp “Micii Exploratori” was organized, and leaders from different church backgrounds partnered with us.

The same year, through exceptional circumstances, God made it possible for us to buy a beautiful piece of land. The land is situated in the central area in Romania, at the base of the Bucegi Mountains, 6 km away from a town called Râșnov, in Brașov county.

On 13th of August 2005 the construction at PdF center had started funded by personal contributions.

In 2006 a social-missionary project for children in need started in Codlea and ended in the summer of 2012.

In 2006 PdF started ”Micii Exploratori”, a network of clubs for children in partnership with Daniel Horst from ”EUROPA.”

In 2008 the first part of the ropes course was built with help from Torchbearer Sweden. The ropes course was the first step we took in developing outdoor experiential education.

In 2012 the main building was finished. A God-given dream has been fulfilled. We are able to use the center throughout the year, and new doors have opened to expand our mission.

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